February 4, 2015

State of the Dashner

I hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. Yeah? Good. No? Hang in there! So I made a decision. If Brandon Sanderson and the President of the United States and the Commissioner of the NFL (3 very similar people by all appearances) can get away with their respective “State of the Whatnots” speeches, then so can I. So let it be written, so let it be done. This is my first year doing so. I’m just glad that two creepy old men aren’t sitting behind me with grumpy faces while I write. And, here we go. The official 2015 State of the Dashner Address:

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July 21, 2014

Misc, Comic Con Schedule 2014

Guys, we have a CRAZY week coming up! If you’re a fan of The Maze Runner, stay tuned each and every day for the next week or so. Kicking it off right, tomorrow is the release of the paperback for THE EYE OF MINDS, the first book in my new series. Check it out while you’re waiting for the movie! CLICK HERE. Also, next Tuesday is the official release of the all-new trailer for the movie. Plus some other surprises leading up to it. Don’t miss a thing. And now, for those of you lucky enough to be in San Diego this weekend for the madness that is Comic Con International, here is my schedule of public events, including a Barnes and Noble signing in case you’re missing out on SDCC2014 itself. Wednesday: Sadly, this one is only for me but I know you’ll all be there with me in […]

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March 4, 2014

Time to Update #yolo

Hi everyone, and welcome to March! I have a feeling this is going to be a very exciting month for all of us. I can’t imagine why. Trailer, what? Who said that? It’s been awhile, so I thought I would jump on here and give everyone a very random list of updates. Remember, to stay fully in touch with my daily shenanigans, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@jamesdashner) or Facebook (James Dashner fan page). And, here we go: 1. This is very short notice, but I have two events coming up this week in Utah: I’ll be a guest at the official launch party for Brandon Mull and his new book, THE FIVE KINGDOMS. Also, on Saturday, I’m giving a keynote address at the Teen Author Boot Camp at Utah Valley University. I’ll be signing books at both venues. You can find more details on my EVENTS page […]

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January 27, 2014

Thank you

To my dear, amazing, awesomely awesome fans: I’m kinda speechless, but I also know I need to say a few things. I know the MTV Movie Brawl might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it sure has lifted my spirits these last few days in the midst of a difficult time in our family. My sweet cousin, Stefanie, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer only 4 months after being diagnosed. She was 29. To know her was to know an angel, and my family will miss her terribly. She, like myself, was an artist, her love coming in the form of theater. In her short time on Earth, she shared her talents by teaching drama, and I know many lives were touched by her. I only tell you that so you have some background of why your tremendous outpouring of support and love for me, my […]

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January 17, 2014

Lots and Lots of Stuff

Hi everyone! I’ve done a lot of things lately for other websites, all together containing a plethora of informational nuggets on yours truly and my books and my movie and stuff like that. It’s all worth a good dozen or so blog posts, so I thought I would provide you all of the links in one central place, and you can read them when you are utterly bored!

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December 13, 2013

My Trip to England, Ireland

It’s been a crazy month, but I’m finally back at home and ready to do some work and enjoy the holidays. My trip to England and Ireland was an unforgettable one, and here is a day-by-day report. Stay tuned to the end for some pictures, too! Sunday. My wife and I arrived in London around noon, more excited than words can express as this is our first trip to England (and indeed, Europe). After checking into the Random House apartment, we immediately ventured out into the streets of London, doing our best to avoid the appearance of dumb American tourists. Saw Big Ben for the first time ever, a very exciting thing. Then we attended a service at Westminster Abbey, hearing a children’s choir and gawking in awe at the awesome beauty of the structure. We’ll never forget it. We walked around London until exhausted.

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November 12, 2013

The Blog, Resurrected

Hi. James Dashner, here. Remember me? You don’t? I used to blog a lot. Then came Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. And Tumblr. I can barely keep up with it all. The blog sorta got left in the dust. But I missed it. I really did. Twitter is cool, and I use it a lot, but I missed being able to say whatever I want for as long as I want, nice and simple. And hearing your comments, all contained in one sweet little place. I’d been wanting to resurrect this thing for awhile. I know there’s Tumblr, the modern, young, cool person’s blog. Maybe I’ll reach that status someday. But for now, there’s this, my official website (an update coming soon), my official blog. So. Anyway. Here we are. Now, I used to do a LOT of Top Ten Lists, randomly throwing things at you that popped in my […]

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July 17, 2013

Think I’m Quiet?

I’m not quiet or dead, I promise! It’s just that I have so many venues for communication, I’m trying to streamline a bit. To keep tabs with me for now, please follow my constant (and often ridiculous) updates on Twitter (CLICK HERE) or my official Facebook Page (CLICK HERE). You don’t need accounts to view my updates, just view them on these links, online. Some very exciting things coming up! The Eye of Minds comes out on October 8, 2013, and The Maze Runner movie hits theaters worldwide on February 14, 2014! For the official Facebook page for the movie, CLICK HERE.

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May 13, 2013

Glader Day!

I hereby proclaim May 13 as Glader Day, in honor of today being the first day of filming for the movie. All of us in the Dashner Army wish Director Wes Ball and the Cast of Perfection the best of luck as they go to the Glade and get to work. They’re going to be awfully busy for a few months. In case you missed it on Facebook or Twitter, Entertainment Weekly revealed the first glimpse of concept art for the movie, as well as an awesome interview with Wes himself. It’s a must-read, and something I’ve scoured roughly three billion times. Here’s the link: CLICK HERE. Also, if you want the latest on the cast and crew, check out the IMDB page: CLICK HERE. This page also has links to the latest news regarding the movie. The EW article created a lot of buzz last week.

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April 29, 2013

Maze Runner Movie Set

Hi guys, I want to give a full account of my trip to the Maze Runner set in Louisiana, but first, some housekeeping items: 1. I’m sorry I haven’t been on this actual blog in the last month. I’m trying to figure out the right balance between Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’ve been very active on Twitter, so I highly recommend you follow me there, even if you don’t have an account. You can still go and look at my tweets on the Twitter website. To follow, CLICK HERE. If you really want a peak into the nerdy, moronic, embarrassing life of yours truly, Twitter is the way to go. I often tweet without thinking first, which is usually a bad idea. 2. Also, Random House has created a new Facebook page for all things James Dashner. I’ll also give updates there, and the RH team will, too, including contests, prizes, […]

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